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Friday, January 23, 2004

Directing Traffic
A couple of our favorite bloggers have big and new exciting projects, so we thought we do our part and guide you dozen or so hapless regulars here at ALAD their way.

The Antic Muse has morphed into the Wonkette, basically a Gawker for D.C., a town which we have a soft spot for after living there for four months in the early days of Clinton Administration, in theory advancing our journalism education, but for all intents and purposes trying to find cheap beer and free food, which in retrospect was all the training as a journalist we needed.

Daniel Radosh, meanwhile, is expanding his horizons beyond exposing the prudishness of the New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank, and has some role in VH1's latest project (and really, once you have reunited Kajagoogoo, what's left?), Best Week Ever, which he describes as "I Love Last Week."
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