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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

For the Locals...
New City this week has 10 Chicagoans We Love to Hate including Da Coach ("Because of him, we're characterized as bulky, brutish, blue-collar jokes with slicked-back hair and overgrown mustaches", Ira Glass ("When Glass counts off the chapters in the beginning of every show, it's starting to sound like nails on a chalkboard"), Richard Roeper ("It's pure schadenfreude to watch the eager puppy Roeper attempt to form his usually superlative opinion about a film Rog has just weighed in on, like a student squirming before a college instructor in "Film 101," and then watch the Pulitzer Prize winner dismiss him quickly and coolly") and Joan Cusack ("We stopped connecting with Cusack when she zeta-jonesed on us, and by that we mean started pimping for a cell-phone provider, one step lower on the Hollywood evolutionary chain than those 10-10-220 commercials").
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