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Monday, February 23, 2004

20 Million Cliff Richard Fans Can't Be Wrong
Despite being responsible for what it judged to be the second-worst pop song of all time, Britain's Channel 4 has determined that Cliff Richard--who couldn't get arrested on our shores even for selling short on his ImClone stock--is the UK's Ultimate Pop Star, having beaten out lightweights like the Beatles and Elvis for top honours (that's the way they spell it over there) on the list, which was based purely on sales. Madonna, at No. 4, was judged the top-ranking female star. Besides finishing second with his first band, Paul McCartney as a solo artist came in at No. 9, so if you combine his total sales, he, and not Richard, is the ultimate British pop star. And finally in the battle of the U's, UB40 beats out U2 by 20 spots. >
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