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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Emerging From the Gutter
We've admittedly been pretty lowbrow lately, which is entirely a different animal from being Lowenbrau, which begs the question: Do they even make that stuff anymore? There was a time that "Here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special..." was ingrained in our collective consciousness. Last I saw some of the Lion's Brew was in Passau, a small German town, back in 1991. Getting back on track, we discovered the following list of Buying Tips for the Novice Art Collector at About Last Night, a site we visit often if for no other reason than to use skills honed by countless hours with the kids watching "Blue's Clues" to collect nuggets about OGIC's true identity. (We initially guessed she was Studs Terkel, but a recent radio appearance dissuaded us.) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm heading to one of these fine establishments for a Brotzeit.
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