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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Jingle Jangle
While everyone remains obsessed with Yabbos Nation 2004, the good folks at ESPN are willing to help us move on by coming out with not just a list, but a megalist, ranking the 120 franchises in the four major sports in a number of categories to come up with Fan Satisfaction Rankings. The reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs grab the top overall spot, while the Green Bay Packers, Anaheim Angels, and Edmonton Oilers top their respective sports. Other franchises of note: New England Patriots (No. 13), New York Yankees (No. 28), Los Angeles Lakers (No. 31), Chicago Cubs (No. 45), and Boston Red Sox (No. 95). Take note fellow Chicagoans, after the Beloved at No. 45, our other four teams all rank in the bottom quarter, with the Bulls at No. 93, the White Sox at No. 99, da Bears at No. 103, and in last place overall the mighty Blackhawks. >
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