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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Joltin Joe Has Left and Gone Away
So he wouldn't have to see what has become of the legacy of the movie whose ubiquitous, not-quite-title song name dropped him all those years ago.
  • 1. As if we needed any proof after such 90s-era hits as "Outbreak" and "Mad City' that Dustin Hoffman has no shame, the actor will be reprising the climactic scene from "The Graduate" for an Audi commercial. The commercial, which is being directed by Michael Bay, will air only in Europe, but I'm sure will be all over the Web shortly after.

  • 2. Despite earlier denials, it turns out Art Garfunkel wasn't carrying parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme, but some good, old fashioned wacky tobaccy.

  • 3. Paul Simon, meanwhile, is treading in the footsteps of Steven Seagal.

  • 4. Ever wonder what would have happened had Benjamin gotten Mrs. Robinson pregnant?

  • 5. That guy in the picture is only 46?
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