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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

We the People, in Order to Prevent Any Gay Unions...
Talk of President Bush's bold new plan for turning over power to the Iraqis, capturing Osama Bin Laden, reviving the economy, weaning us off our dependence on foreign oil, and curing cancer is predictably dominating the headlines today, but apparently somewhere in his groundbreaking policy initiative , he also announced his support of an Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage, which our tolerance of is the whole reason troops keep perishing in Iraq, they bombed the Twin Towers, the economy still sucks, we're slaves to oil, and people get cancer. Anyway, Low Culture has a patently hi-larious list Other Recently Proposed Constitutional Amendments (we for one, would fight hard to amend the Infield Fly Rule ban to include the Dropped Third Strike) and Bunsen has a list of Potential Loopholes in the Defense of Marriage Act.>
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