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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

They Call Me the Seeker
I'm back from three weeks in the sun and suffering from the effects of missed deadlines, stacks of bills, a lost cell phone (traveling with a family of four and roughly 15 bags, I suppose I should be thankful that was all I lost), and a 60-plus degree temperature drop. Thank you to those of you who kept checking in and apologies if some of the coming posts have been blogged to death, but I'll try to get back in the swing of things.

Here are some lists I happened upon at the airport newsstand. First, it's another boring, self-important list from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jann Wenner. This time it's The 50 Greatest Artists of All Time. All the usual suspects dominate the list (Bobby Dylan, the Beatles), as well they should, but the twist is actual artists do the writing this time, or at least attach their names to the essays. For instance, Elvis Costello tackles the Beatles, while Bono opines on the other Elvis, and Coldplay's Chris Martin takes on Bono's band. You can read the top 10 online, but you have to shell out $6 to read 11-50, which may be worth it just to read Brit's essay on Madonna.

Apparently Premiere Magazine is still being published, and, this month they're listing The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time. The list isn't online, and having contributed thousands to the Arizona economy, I was committed to reading the leftovers from the Sunday Times, so other than Bonnie Parker, as saucily interpreted by Mrs. John Stamos on the cover, I can't recall who else made the list. If you have a copy, feel free to leave some nuggets in the comments area.

I did pick up a discarded USA Today in the terminal and I learned that Charlottesville, Va., is the best place to live in the USA today, according to the new book Cities Ranked & Rated. Rounding out the top 10 are: 2. Santa Fe, 3. San Luis Obispo, Calif., 4. Santa Barbara, Calif., 5. Honolulu, 6. Ann Arbor, Mich., 7. Atlanta, 8. Asheville, N.C., 9. Reno, and 10. Corvallis, Ore. I'm pleased to see the place I called home from 1986-90 at No. 6, but Chicago at No. 155, 148 spots below Atlanta? >
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