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Friday, March 05, 2004

What's New Pussycat?
Quick, who is the greatest Welshman or Welshwoman of all time? Chances are, the first person you think of is Tom Jones, but then you dismiss the thought, thinking surely there's a greatest hero to the people of Wales than the gyrating lounge singer. Well, now that we have a definitive list of 100 Welsh Heroes, I'm glad to say Jones is not Wales top hero--he's No. 3, behind Aneurin Bevan and Owain Glyndwr, who chances are you have not heard of if you're not Welsh. Others Welshers of note: Richard Burton (No. 4), Dylan Thomas (No. 7), Mike Peters of the Alarm (No. 11), Catherine Zeta Jones of the cell-phone commercials (No. 13), Phil Campbell of Motorhead (No. 20), Roald Dahl (No. 35), King Arthur (No. 70), Laura Ahley (No. 72), and John Cale (No. 93 or 82 spots behind the guy who wrote "Sixty-Eight Guns"). All 100 are listed here.

And speaking of Wales, they're feeling a little pissed at futbol great Pele, who in naming his Top 125 Living Soccer Players, didn't deem a single Welshman worthy. Of course, he managed to piss off people in his own countrymen and women, too. The only Americans on the list, were women's stars Mia Hamm and Michelle Akers.>
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