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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Thank You, You've Been a Great Audience. Please Tip Your Waitresses
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greatest Standup of All Time is...Richard Pryor. It's hard to argue with much of the top 20, though I would think Seinfeld deserved to be higher, while I never got the whole Roseanne thing. Chris Rock at No. 5 surprised me, especially ahead of Cosby and Murphy, but after watching his latest HBO special last night, I think he deserves it. Watching the show, it was great to see again how funny some of these guys were back in their standup prime. I'm talking about the classic Murphy, Steve Martin, Newhart, even Rodney when he was on. The show itself was an interesting format. Not a lot of filler, which was nice. I only caught the top 20, so I'm wondering if Richard Lewis and his cohorts were a little less reverent when it came to discussing the likes of Sinbad, Gallagher, and Louie (shudder) Anderson. >
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